Courageous Action


Power doesn’t come easily, neither does growth nor change. We sometimes forget the difficulties and challenges of moving through what we need to in order to facilitate the growth and change we want in our lives. It’s easier to verbalize goals for oneself, and much harder to follow-through with actions and behaviors when we are working through our own resistance to that change. To recognize the subtle difference between the struggle through resistance and resistance to change itself allows us not to fall into the paranoid mind-trap that everyone is out to get us. Because we live and work in the world we are inherently surrounded by others and when we ourselves are in pain and suffering it’s quick and easy to blame others for the pain that we don’t want to look at, feel, or process. Looking honestly at ourselves takes courageous action. It takes the willingness to see the dis-eased, attached parts of ourselves along with the healthy, whole parts that make up who we are as a human being. Personal transformation comes with a cost, the cost of one’s ego dissolution. And the rewards are beyond what we can possibly comprehend. Are you ready for it?

First, we need to recognize what our tendencies are for self-sabotaging behaviors, are they fears, insecurities, or conditioned belief systems of how the world is and not allowing the beliefs that it could be different? The mind-states we put ourselves in on a daily basis creates a rigid framework that makes it a struggle to break free and go beyond. Therefore, we utilize the practice of seated meditation, not in a relaxing way or a daydreaming, watching one’s thoughts spin out kind-of-way, but in a focused, disciplined, and concentrated way. Focus, discipline, and concentration are aspects used in martial arts when we encounter scenarios that feel like we are facing life or death situations. The same aspects utilized and implemented on the martial arts mat also apply to one’s seated meditation practice.

There are many approaches to meditation. Many use it to help them relax and unwind from their day so that it can give them a better night’s sleep. Others may use it to become more mindful and aware of the quality of thoughts and mind-states they move through in a day and catching the storylines before they infect one’s day with frustration, stress, and misery. The seated meditation practice I’ve been taught, use, and teach in life is one that runs parallel to martial arts practice. The path we walk is like a razor’s edge, if we lack concentration and focus large consequences can befall us. It is the Warrior’s Path. [Read more…]

On the Warrior’s Path, after recognizing our unhealthy tendencies and behaviors we begin to work on our triggers and pain points such that they dissolve over time. Through the dissolution process the ego structures we have created stemming from our thoughts and beliefs change and transform. And in its place new structures are built. On the Warrior’s Path this happens frequently, whether that’s daily, monthly or yearly change, rapid growth is happening all the time. There are times when greater growth and change feels extra turbulent in one’s life, leading to the messiness of growth and the discomfort of change. Fears of the unknown quickly arise to try and thwart our progress and process, reverting us back to old, familiar behaviors to try and comfort and soothe us. Don’t fall for the Ego’s trap. Instead continue forward, take courageous action in doing the best you can with what you have, by taking a step towards Light.

When we orient ourselves towards Light and take action towards it we gain power, a greater seeing and awareness around our surroundings and relationships. Just like when we prepare for a belt-test. All the hours of training and corrections to fine-tune one’s system to be at the best level one is testing for culminates in the moments when we are executing our test. It’s the moment of truth for the body-mind system where it is specifically tested through stress tolerance, ability to move the body and mind in a unified fashion, and staying connected with the various attackers coming at you to remain fluid and flexible to the differing situations that are arising. There is tremendous chaos occurring in these belt-tests, turbulence comes through in the form of adrenaline pumping through one’s system, thoughts racing through one’s mind, and one’s nervous system staving off the desire to freeze or run away. Taking a step towards Light means staying connected to one’s breath, continuously settling one’s system down to aid one’s ability to open up deeper into oneself, and trusting oneself to move from a place of centered-ness and connection, which brings peace into the current situation and neutralizes the attack.

When we continually and consistently move towards Light that power increases and strengthens us such that our growth and change facilitates the process of refinement and with refinement we access greater, deeper joy and peace in our lives.

One’s journey crosses infinite doorways; some of those doorways can give us access to greater Truth and Light. Which doorway will you choose for your path? Choose wisely and choose well. I welcome you to join me on the journey of meditation and martial arts through the doorway of the body, mind, and heart.

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Happy Spring!

Hathor (Hui)

Hui Reccow