• Black-belt in Aikido, Matsuoka Sensei

  • Meditation Teacher, Dharma Center

  • 200hr RYT, Inner Vision Yoga

  • Ordained Buddhist Monk, Turīya (Jenna) Sundell

  • Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese

  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapist #105057

  • Master's Degree, California Institute of Integral Studies

  • Published Writer



Hui Reccow, LMFT - Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Bilingual, Mandarin Speaking

Hui has been teaching and promoting the balance and harmony of mind, body, spirit for over a decade, drawing on an extensive education and training in meditation, psychology, yoga, and Aikido. Her passion in psychotherapy comes from navigating the fields of trauma, pain, fear, grief & loss, and death & dying to heal and realize its what breaks us open that allows the light to shine in.

Hui uses mindfulness practices with a Depth, Existential, and Client-Centered approach to reconnect the body, heart, and mind for healing. The world of feelings and emotions can feel daunting to navigate by ourselves - hence Hui uses the platform of therapy as an experiential format to support individuals in realizing their highest living truths as a daily living reality. Hui is bilingual in Mandarin and has lived and worked overseas in China with the children in the orphanages and foster care homes to assist them in finding their forever homes.

Hui has a MA in integral counseling psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, which bridges Eastern and Western psychology for a holistic approach with clients. She uses a mind-body-energetic approach to discovering truth for oneself through a range of tools that facilitates the self-discovery process. Hui is a 200hr RYT certified yoga teacher who works with clients on Present moment body-mind awareness with proper alignment techniques to utilize the body’s innate intelligence for a peaceful and balanced relationship with oneself. Hui has a black-belt in Aikido, a martial art that cultivates change relationally and situationally to develop a calm assertive presence in any situation.

From ancient times, deep learning and valor have been the two pillars of the Path: through virtue of training, enlighten both body and soul. -Morihei Ueshiba

30 Second Gazing Meditation: Take a breath, settle into your body. Gaze gently at the Buddha and let go of any thoughts. Breathe.