Dynamic Demolition


When life feels chaotic and turbulent it’s easy to blame something or someone for the uncomfortable states we feel we are in. In short, we get caught up in a story. The world conditions us to look outside of ourselves to see where the problem is and to address it accordingly. Yet, when we have a spiritual practice we have the added capacity to take a look within. It’s easy to excuse ourselves from taking a deeper look at what’s going on when there’s so much to indulge in on the outside. But when we do, we are able to access a plethora of information that we did not inherently see at the onset of the possible emotions and feelings of grief, sadness, depression, or anxiety.

August was a month filled with much movement, internally and externally. I likened the experience to a demolition event. Structures and buildings are called into demolition when they have become old, unstable, or unsafe. These structures can include the inner workings of our mind, which perpetuates certain types and styles of behaviors, actions, and personality. When these mind-structures no longer are serving our highest and brightest purpose it’s prudent to let them go so that we can begin fresh and anew. Many times our Ego struggles with the process of letting go due to it’s attachments, so who comes in to help us? Eternity. She comes in, probably at the most inopportune times (or so our Ego thinks) and restructures our inner Being to be able to be prepared, ready, and able to handle that which is to come. Life has a beautiful and perfect way of reordering things, as can be witnessed in Mother Nature, even though to the Ego it feels messy - hence, the demolition experience.

When you observe the actual process of a demolition (3min video) you can appreciate the accuracy and precision necessary to demolish a structure well, especially when there are other structures around it that you want to preserve.

Just like when we weed a garden, the process gives space for brighter things to grow in it's place. Things that are conducive and beneficial to nourishing our lives. When we weed out the things that no longer serve us (i.e. old, stagnant) structures, the ground has the added energies to direct the productivity of growth into other structures, be it fruits, vegetables, or flowers. In essence, when there's a demolition event happening in our lives it is a key signal, which points to fertility and all the possibilities that we have access to create in our lives.

So the next time you feel life is doling out a few extra curve balls, take a moment to get quiet and reflect if there is a demolition event happening within you. If we can remember the beauty and rebirth that can come from a demolished site it can give ourselves the space needed (emotionally and psychologically) to stay open and tuned into the possibilities of what’s next. The demolition event can become an exciting time for us to explore into unknown territory and venture into grand experiences.

Before you say to yourself, “but I don’t have time to get quiet…” check out this intriguing article on Time, which might turn your ideas and beliefs of time upside down, and inside out.

In the meantime, as we move into this Fall season give yourself time to reflect, journal, and get onto the mat, whether that's the yoga, martial arts, or meditation mat. Consider in those quiet moments that which is most important to you and what you would like to further plant, seed, and grow in your life.

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Happy Beginnings of Fall Equinox!

Hui (Hathor)