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Writing Retreat

July 30th - August 4th, 2019

Lake Tahoe, California


We’ll begin our adventures with an optional side trip to the Giant Sequoia National Forest! We’ll spend the night of 7/30 at a Fresno area hotel, then visit the Giant Sequoia in the morning. After meditating at an inter-dimensional vortex and saying hello to our Giant friends, we’ll make the drive to Lake Tahoe.

On 7/31, the official retreat will begin at Lake Tahoe, where we’ll spend 3 nights in a retreat house. We’ll start the day with group meditation and observe silence while working on our creative projects. In the evening, we’ll meet once again for meditation and break our silence to share our projects and insights. The mountain air will boost our creativity and clear our minds.

On Saturday 8/3, our second optional adventure will begin. We’ll drive down one mountain and up another to the Pine Mountain School of Zen Arts north of Los Angeles. After a night at a local hotel, we’ll visit Ganga and Tara who will share their lovely home temple with us. They teach a variety of Zen Arts, including the ancient art of the tea ceremony. (Note this part of the trip depends upon Ganga & Tara’s schedule and is subject to change.)

*Non-members who pay the early-bird or full price tuition will also receive a one-year Dharma Center Membership.

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