Begin Again Retreat

March 21st - 24th, 2019

San Diego, California


Experience the community of sangha and make spiritual friends while expanding your awareness during this intimate retreat. The 4-day Begin Again Meditation Intensive will be held at Dharma Center in beautiful San Diego. We have space for 14 individuals who are ready to jump to the next level. While the retreat is designed for experienced students with a beginners mind, new students ready to dive deep into Light are also welcome. Renew your life and Begin Again!

The Begin Again Retreat is also the perfect preparation for our future retreats and adventures to places of power and light. NO MEDITATION EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED for this powerful and transformative event.

The Begin Again Retreat is your chance to sit together will ALL of the Dharma Center teachers and experience the full mandala of offerings integrated into 4 days of laughter, power, and discovery.

Retreat runs from Thursday, March 21 at 1pm through Sunday, March 24, at 1pm.

Registration Cost: $1080*

*Non-members who pay the early-bird or full price tuition will also receive a one-year Dharma Center Membership.

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Detailed Workshop Descriptions

Begin Again Retreat – Meditation intensive

March 21 – 24, 2019

Thursday 1:00pm to 8:30pm

Our Journey Together & the Importance of Laughter with Turīya

The Begin Again retreat opens with a short meditation and an overview of the events that will unfold during our 4 day journey. We’ll also discuss the most essential companion: laughter.

M3 – Introduction to Meditation, Mindfulness, and Managing Energy with Varada

During our first workshop, we’ll explore the powerful practices of meditation and mindfulness, and how they can help you manage your energy. Incorporating these three practices into your daily life can enable you to live a calmer, happier, more peaceful life.

Meditation & Movement with Hathor

When body and mind are united there is harmony. Through harmonious movement one discovers the naturalness and ease of residing in the body-mind system. In this class, we’ll move through physical techniques to help us tap into the world of body-mind and learn to navigate its messages.

Storing Power with Turīya

The successful integration of new levels of awareness requires power. We’ll explore how to access power and store it. We’ll also look at the ways we can be drained and how to slow and finally stop unnecessary energy loss. When we learn how to work with power, we can use it to deepen our insight, for our personal projects, and to discover and live as an expression of our Buddha nature.

DINNER (on your own or with group)

Expanding Consciousness with Sound and Meditation with Teresa

(Public Class / Last Chance to Join Retreat if space is available)

The energy at Dharma Center shifts dramatically after dark. During this evening class we’ll explore the power of sound to uplift and expand consciousness. If there is space available, it will be a public class with the students who practice together on a regular basis on Thursday nights.


Friday 10:00am to 6:30pm

Subtle Body Structures with Turīya

Within and around our physical body is an energetic subtle body through which we experience the world. We’ll explore the structures that compose this energy body and how the kundalini energy moves through it. With this map, we can develop a deeper understanding of many powerful meditation methods.

LUNCH (on your own or with group)

Uniting Body & Mind with Martial Arts, Yoga, and Meditation with Hathor

During this workshop with Aikido black belt and Hatha Yoga teacher Hathor, we’ll explore how Martial Arts and Yoga can enrich your meditation practice. We’ll discover how to develop a beneficial relationship between the mind and the body that cultivates harmony, Present Moment awareness, and a settled centeredness to effectively deal with situations that invoke a stress or fear response. No prior experience of martial arts or yoga is necessary.

Sound, Vibration and Selecting Meditation Music with Teresa

Teresa will be your guide through a sound journey designed to uplift and expand your mind. We’ll discuss how sound and vibration affects our consciousness and connection with each other. Strategies to help you select the ideal music for meditation will also be covered.

10 Minute Movement Break

Hathor will guide us through one of the movements from the Meditation & Movement class to help keep us stretched and limber.

Embodied Enlightenment & Trikaya Buddhism with Turīya

Within each of us is Buddha nature, our essence which is Enlightenment. By developing an understanding of the Trikaya, the three bodies of Buddha, we learn how to move beyond stress and doubt and into expressing our Enlightened nature in daily life.


Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm

Applying the Practice to Real Life with Turīya

Retreats are wonderful, but what happens when we go home? In this workshop, we’ll review the tools we’ve learned so far and develop strategies for bringing meditation and mindfulness into your daily life and relationships.

Private Sessions, Lunch, and Stories of Power

Private one-on-one meetings with Turīya will give students the opportunity to explore any remaining questions or obstacles so you are prepared to continue the practice on your own. (Approximately 10 minutes per person)

Lunch will be provided and we’ll have a celebration on the patio with time to socialize and enjoy the view. Dharma Center teachers and students will have an opportunity to share stories about moments of power.

Evening Meditation Sit with Turīya

Before we end the day, we’ll sit together in meditation to experience the pure Light.


Sunday 10:00am to 1:00pm

Medicine Buddha Guided Self-Healing Meditation with Varada

You’ll be guided through a powerful self-healing meditation to release obstructions at all levels of your being. This robust practice was developed by Varada based on her study of Tibetan Medicine Buddha and Rama Lineage practices. 

Movement Break

Hathor will guide us through one of the movements from the Meditation & Movement class to help keep us stretched and limber.

Beginners Mind on the Endless Path with Manjushri

Along the pathway of self discovery there are many realizations.  We change our self and learn new ways of being.  Sometimes we become stuck. Again and again we must begin again.  Beginners Mind is fundamental to our practice

Closing Words & Meditation with Turīya

We’ll give everyone a chance to take a minute or two to express gratitude and what they have learned during the retreat. Our final meditation together will bring a close to the retreat.