Initial Intake Session

90 Minutes • Call for A Free 15min Consult

The Initial Intake session is for new clients who have never been seen at M.A.Y. Frog Therapy. Initial Intake sessions last 1.5hr in order to for us to gain a full perspective of one's personal history and presenting issues. This time allows us to strategize and develop a plan on how best to move forward in utilizing our therapy sessions together.



50 MINUTES Call for A Free 15min Consult

Individual sessions offer one-on-one, present-moment interactions, body-mind dialogue, and therapeutic processes to help facilitate a deeper understanding into one's presenting issues to foster healing and growth.



50 MINUTES Call for A Free 15min Consult

Couples therapy sessions gives the relationship a place and space to look at underlying beliefs, issues, and operating programs that have created pain points and resentments in one's relationship. Couples therapy helps to facilitate understanding and awareness so that each individual is empowered to contribute to the relationship's collective healing and wholeness.




Telemedicine is offered through Skype to give individuals access to therapy without the constraints of having to meet in-person at the office. Telemedicine sessions are available after an initial assessment in order to determine if it's an appropriate fit for the individual and their presenting issue(s).


Multiple Sessions Package

90 minutes / 50 MINUTEs • Inquire for more information

The Multiple Sessions package gives individuals or couples the ability to receive a discount on therapy sessions if one would like to purchase and pay for sessions in advance. Session packages are non-refundable after purchase. Please contact us for more information and details if you are interested in purchasing a session package.


For more information about a session:

When we receive guidance on the process of healing & self-discovery we give ourselves the capacity to enjoy the journey.